Friday, February 6, 2015

Opening Day at Terrapin Park in 1914

One of my great loves is baseball.  The picture included today shows opening day at Baltimore's Terrapin Park in 1914 in from of a crowd numbering 30,000.  Across the street at Oriole Park, only 1,500 showed up for a Baltimore Orioles game that featured the pitching debut of a local 19 year old who had recently signed, George Herman Ruth.


The Terrapins played in the Federal League, which tried to budge its way into the East Coast mix of minor league and major league clubs.  It folded after the 1915 season.  Terrapin Park was much nicer than the current Oriole Park, so the Orioles purchased the stadium as soon as the Terrapins were no more.  Rechristened as Oriole Park (the fifth of six incarnations), it would be home to the Orioles for the next 28 years before burning down.

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